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Updates/Summary - following Quarterly meeting

The next KTC meeting is Thursday 18th July.

However more importantly I have hopefully secured a date and venue for the KTC to be able to run an extra event in replacement of the missed March Round. Date is 29th September, details to be confirmed.


The attached rules are still draft until its formally voted on etc. Most of it can be largely ignored as its unchanged from previous or applicable to clubs more than rider, however there are a couple of key rules that all clubs agree on that we want riders to be aware of, rules 24 and 25 (in current format) are the key ones:

  • Competitors must belong to a club that is part of the KTC group – member clubs are identified as by having paid the annual contribution as identified in rule 10.
    Competitors accessibility to ride their parent clubs event is to be determined by the needs and discretion of the parent club at their round.
    For competitors whose main club is not in the KTC, their parent club within the KTC is the club they joined to ride KTC events. - 
    In Summary in order to qualify for championship points you must enter under club that has paid their KTC affilation fee. External club members can ride for no award.

  • All riders that participate in KTC events are required to act in an official capacity as an observer at least once in the combine season at a club’s event, priority to be given to their parent clubs event. If unavailable on that date they must act in an official capacity or as an observer for another club at their event, failure to do so will result in a deduction of 20 points from their aggregate. A rider may provide a substitute for them, to act in an official capacity or as an observer at another clubs’ trial, but only if they have a legitimate reason for missing their parents club event.
    If a substitute observer is provided in lieu of a rider, it must be made clear who the substitute observer is acting on behalf of so the rider is not penalised on the championship aggregate. 
    It is the responsibility of the hosting club to record a final list of observers and officials to be sent to the aggregate officer.

The Next NKTC meetings are:​​


  • Thursday 18th July - 19:30 start

  • Thursday 17th October - 19:30 start


Meetings are held at the Cock Inn, Luddesdown, DA13 0XB

For minutes of the last meeting please follow the link below

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