Please note, in order to for your scores in the NKTC you are expected to help a club out a minimum of two times, one of these should be observing.

It was suggested at the last committee meeting about merging with the East Kent Trials Combine in order to create the 'Kent Trials Cobine'. As it stands in the North Kent Combine, Bexley Run two events, double 5 run two events and the NKTC as a collective run two events, the age old story of less people doing more work the as club sizes shrink and fold. Currently within the NKTC there are 8 clubs that contribute and run a combine round, in the EKTC there are 4 clubs that actively run combines. The proposal behind the merger is to spread the workload around more people, and hopefully have a calendar of different venues run by different people. Provisional discussions have begun with a couple of EKTC clubs and active NKTC committee members and all seem receptive to making the idea work. The proposal will be more formally discussed at our next meeting which is the AGM, hopefully this will be the biggest and most rejuvenating change to the combine competition in many years. The biggest stumbling block will likely be the calendar as everyone wants a summer month due to parking restrictions.

Please forward your suggestions to your relevant club representative and encourage them to come to the AGM (or attend yourself), we want to keep the sport alive and well so more interaction from more people is always welcome.

We are in the need of someone to take up the position of "Trophy Secretary", this position entails getting the yearly trophies engraved and delivered to the awards ceremony.

The Next NKTC meetings are:

  • AGM - Thursday 20th October 2022 - 19:30 start

  • Thursday 19th January - 19:30 start

  • Thursday 20th January - 19:30 start


Meetings are held at the Cock Inn, Luddesdown, DA13 0XB

For minutes of the last meeting please follow the link below