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If you have any issues with the individual club trial results please contact the hosting club directly, it is their responsibility. Such queries will be ignored (including via the KTC facebook page).

My job is collation of the results into the aggregate.

There a few riders that have consistently entered as clubs outside the KTC, if you are a member of a KTC club as secondary club that hasnt shown up on ACU entry just drop us a note and i'll update the aggregate accordingly.

KTC/NKTC Overalls

Individual club KTC results will be published below if they are sent to me in a usable format. It will be for current year only.

2024 Aggregate Scores

2023 Aggregate Scores

2022 Aggregate Scores

2021 Aggregate Scores

2021 Aggregate

2020 Aggregate Scores

2019 Aggregate Scores

2018 Aggregate Scores

2017 Aggregate Score

Round 1: January

Round 2: March

Round 2

Round 3: April 1

Round 4: April 2

Round 5: May

Round 6: June

Round 6

Round 7: July

Round 7

Round 8: August

Round 9: September

Round 10: October

Round 11: November

Round 11

Round 12: December

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