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Due to Diary Clashes with a couple of the NKTC meeting we are pushing the next quarterly meeting to Wednesday 25th Jan.

We will be running a joint combine with the EKTC this year, however the aggregate will be based on each respective combine so there will be seperate EKTC and NKTC winner at the end of the year.
I will be running the live spreadsheet again this year to track who has and has not observed and to help clubs manage observers.

If you do not observe at any point in the year. I refer you to rule 24 of the NKTC rules. Your aggregate score will incur a penalty of -20 points. "Planning" to observe does not count.

Hopefully be able to input your own names into the table below for the event(s) you are willing to observe. If it doesn't work for you, drop me a message and I will input it for you.
If you want extra lines for extra oberservers let us know
Thanks, Liam Seamer
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