We have got a full season of events this year! as a result the aggregate for end of year results will use the best 8 results of each rider over the year. This is to take account of the mandatory observation rule and any trials that can't be ridden.
If you do not observe at any point in the year. I refer you to rule 24 of the NKTC rules. Your aggregate score will incur a penalty of -20 points.
Due to some clubs have lots of members and others only a handful, we are going to try and do the observing rules a bit different this year. You can ride your own event, providing you help observe for a smaller club.

You will not let off this because "you planned" to observe one. Essentially what I'm saying is, if an event ends up having 30 observers and only 13 sections, only 13 people are getting there name down as observing.

I have created a spreadsheet below to try and keep track of who has observed and who is willing to observe. Please give it time to load.
If i'm clever enough you will hopefully be able to input your own names into the table below for the event(s) you are willing to observe. If it doesn't work for you, drop me a message and I will input it for you - Liam Seamer