DoubleFive Kent Are Hosting a practice event in place of the July combine

COVID – 19 SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS (as per ACU COVID 19 Risk Assessment)
To be read in conjunction with the Supplementary Regulations and the current Trials Risk Assessment as shown on the ACU website.
· Only one competitor per vehicle, unless from the same household
· No guests. No spectators.
· Minimum 3 metres distance between parked vehicles.
· On-line entries only. No cash. No entries on the day.
· Maximum 50 competitors.
· Social distancing minimum 2 metres must be observed at all times.
· Adults & Youth Competitors
· Observers-:
· “buddy up “Observing could be put in place for riders to score themselves or work in groups (adhering to relevant Covid 19 safety measures) or- :
· Observers will choose a vantage point minimum 2 metres from section.
· Observers must not be approached under any circumstances.
· It is rider responsibility to replace dislodged markers. Observer must not
enter section or touch section markers.
· Riders must observe minimum 2 metre social distancing at all times.
· No more than 3 riders to walk a section at any one time.
· No signing on. Attendance noted by Secretary of the Meeting when entering the venue.
· Up to one catering vehicle can be on site provided the vendor has submitted an approved Risk Assessment)
· Toilets will not be provided.
· If you have symptoms of COVID 19, or have been in contact with anybody
who has in the last 14 days, please do not enter or attend this event.
· Clerk of the Course will strictly impose these requirements. Non compliance
will result in being asked to leave the event.

The next NKTC meeting will take place Thursday 16th April at 20:00

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